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The history of pumpkin / Historie dýně

Aktualizováno: 30. 1. 2022

Pumpkin belongs to one of the oldest known crops. The earliest evidence of seeds comes from Mexico (7500 BC).

But it was nowhere near the tasty vibrant variaty we have today. Due to their small size and bitter taste, they were used mainly for their seeds.


Evidence-stopy, známky

BC (before Christ)-před Kristem


Due to-kvůli, vzhledem k

The pumpkin is a type of squash. Squash is generally devided into two groups.

Just to give you an idea, among summer squash, there is zucchini and yellow squash.


Devided into- dělí se na

Winter squash has hard skin that is usually not eaten.The advantage of winter squash like butternut and pumpkin is that they store well for longer periods of time. It was an important source of nutrients in the cold winter months when food was hard to come by. The term pumpkin generally refers to the category of winter squash.

Advantage of-výhoda


Source of nutrients-zdroj živin

Hard to come by-těžko k sehnání

Refere to-odkazovat na

From Mexico, the pumpkin spread through America and was grown by the indigenous people together with corn and beans. These staples were called the three sisters. They also used pumpkins as medicine and to make mats.

Columbus and other European explorers brought pumpkin seeds back to Europe.

By the 17th century it was known as the poor man’s food or food for animals.

Spread-rozšířit se

Indigenous people-původní obyvatelé

Staples-základní potraviny


Explorer-badatel, cestovatel

Poor man’s food-jídlo pro chudé

Pumpkin pie is popular to this day but its early form was a bit different. The pumpkins were hollowed, the shells were filled with spices, milk and honey and then roasted by the fire.



Pumpkins are associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving from the middle of the 19th century. To create an outdoor or indoor decoration the top of the pumpkin is cut off and a funny or scary face is carved into the rind. When a candle is placed inside the hollow interior it creates the effect of a lantern. This so called Jack o'lantern was supposed to repel evil spirits during the Halloween.

Associated with-spojovány s



Was supposed to-mělo, předpokládalo se, že


The fascinating tradition of Halloween pumkin, or Jack o'lantern, is a chapter on its own. It is a great new article in waiting.

A chapter on its own-kapitola sama o sobě

In waiting-v přípravě

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